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The game is based on the Japanese comic book of the same name, by Ryoichi Ikegami. In 2001, a direct sequel to the game, Silent Hill 2, was released. The third installment, Silent Hill: Origins, was released in 2006 for the PlayStation Portable, while the fourth installment, Silent Hill: Downpour, was released in 2011 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Silent Hill is set in a surreal urban landscape, in the fictional town of Silent Hill. The game follows Henry Townshend, a college graduate who wakes up in the town's Silent Hill Hospital in a comatose state. Due to the illness, his family requests his life be terminated, which happens, and he is placed in a deep sleep, or sleepwalker. He awakens two years later, not remembering the period of time he was comatose. He discovers that he has become an object of desire for creatures known as "P-Groups". Realizing that his awakening has resulted in him becoming vulnerable to the P-Groups, he begins to attempt to escape from Silent Hill. He encounters monsters and other personages of the town, as well as a group of large creatures known as the "Holloway twins". As he progresses through the town, he begins to remember his comatose state. Henry attempts to contact a third party, James Sunderland, who had once tried to kill him. After discovering that Sunderland is a local television personality, he meets a schoolteacher who helps him obtain a cat and a copy of the diary of a man named Matthew who had supposedly died in the same hospital. Henry then finds Matthew's diary, and finds that Matthew had witnessed the apparent murder of a woman named Theresa. Henry learns that Theresa was apparently involved in a cult, and sees that she was at the center of something bigger. Henry tries to find Theresa and learn what she knows. He also learns that the town's monsters are all incarnations of the town's history. The remaining monsters of the town, including the Holloway twins, attack him multiple times, and he manages to escape with the cat. Henry then meets the mother of the man in the diary, the girl he had killed and buried in the diary, and she directs him to the town's ferry station, which is actually an enormous machine that brings residents of the town to the lighthouse at the top of the town. While attempting to meet with Henry and Elizabeth, the twins begin to attack the people





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Download Silent Hill 1 Pc Version

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