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Price: $2,795  

Cars: 2020 Subaru BRZ, Subaru WRX, Subaru WRX STI

Dates: Date: 3/2-3 (2 spots available) 2020

Sold out: 2/22-23 2020

Past Subaru Winter Experience and DirtFish Rally School attendees or persons with similar driving experience have the option to sign up for our brand new Advanced Programs. Contact to see if you qualify for this program. 


Our brand new Two-Day Advanced Program takes all the good stuff from

our two-day program and brings it to the next level. We'll go deeper into

the details of ice driving and work more closely with each individual to

meet your expectations and to bring your driving to the next level.


As with our two-day program, you'll start with a quick tour of the safety systems of the vehicles and then step right into the seat. Our Two-Day Advanced Program is perfect for experienced drivers who already have

an idea of what they’re doing behind the wheel and would like to refine

their skills.


Included in the Two-Day Advanced Program are two lunches and one

dinner by our Swedish chef Daniel.

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