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Press - Subaru Winter Experience

Booking Update: Subaru Winter Experience Courses Filling Up Fast!

Spots are filling up quick for this year’s Subaru Winter Experience! Due to an overwhelmingly strong response, we’ve added two more Three Day Advanced Programs to the schedule to give everyone the chance to get in on their preferred program.

“I’m blown away by the response and all the early booking we’ve had,” said Subaru Winter Experience founder and Patrik Sandell. “So far, hundreds of participants have already signed up and some of the days are already sold out. Now might be your last chance to book a class on the days you want, so don’t miss out—be sure to register as soon as possible to secure your spot!”

“We’re really looking forward to this winter and can’t wait to meet all of this year’s participants,” added Linnea Sandell. “I’m available anytime over email to help our participants with everything needed!”

As of Friday, October 11, placements in the following courses are still available:


February 22: 5 spots

February 23: 10 spots

February 29: 9 spots

March 1: 7 spots


February 14-15: 6 spots

February 16-17: 9 spots

February 20-21: 1 spot

February 27-28: 9 spots


February 18-19: 6 spots

March 2-3: 13 spots


February 20-22: 10 spots

February 24-26: 1 spot

February 27-29: 7 spots

March 4-6: 4 spots

Each Subaru Winter Experience course gives drivers the opportunity to try out brand new Subaru WRX STIs, WRXs, and BRZs on Dollar Lake in picturesque Eagle River, Wisconsin. Each car is equipped with specially studded tires to handle driving on the ice, while Sandell and the world’s best instructors from DirtFish are on hand to guide participants every step of the way, no matter their skill level. Subaru Winter Experience made its debut in Winter 2018 and is preparing for its third consecutive year at Dollar Lake this winter, with each year bringing more drivers than the last.

For more information and to book Subaru Winter Experience classes, visit For additional questions, contact Linnea at

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