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Press - Subaru Winter Experience 2019

How to Build a Subaru Winter Experience Course

With only a few days until the third Subaru Winter Experience, work on this year’s course is nearly done. But the preparation for this year’s event started long before Christmas.

“There’s a lot of work going on to make these tracks, especially during a winter like this when Mother Nature has not been on our side,” explains Subaru Winter Experience founder and Subaru Motorsports USA driver Patrik Sandell. “Some years you’re more lucky with the weather than others, but our team does a fantastic job creating the best possible course for our participants. We’re excited to show off our hard work as we kick off our biggest year yet next week!”

Together with everyone at Boatsport Marina in Eagle River, we’ve put in hundreds of hours of hard work to prepare Dollar Lake for this year’s event. This is how it’s done, step by step: