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Press - Subaru Winter Experience

Ice Driving Techniques: The Scandinavian Flick

Photo: Iris Bay Studio/Keith Kamikawa

No matter what you’re doing behind the wheel at Subaru Winter Experience, you’re bound to have a fun time. After all, what better way is there to spend a day behind the wheel than driving through the ice in beautiful Eagle River? But there’s one technique behind the wheel that every driver loves, and that you’ll get to learn in every class we offer: the Scandinavian flick.

The Scandinavian flick is an important technique in loose-surface racing of all types, and will be a crucial part of getting the most out of your Subaru Winter Experience. It uses weight transfer to induce oversteer and carry your car through the corner. Popularized by Scandinavian rally drivers in the 1960s, the “flick” comes from the way the driver briefly turns the wheel in the opposite direction of the corner to set up the move.

Drivers will approach the upcoming corner to set up the move. After lifting off the throttle and perhaps reducing the speed by applying the brake, drivers then quickly turn the wheel to the outside to set up the car before the corner. After that, the driver will steer into the corner and step back on the throttle, allowing the car to power sideways through the corner. When executed properly, the Scandinavian flick allows a driver not only to keep their momentum, but also exit the corner quickly in their preferred line. This might sound difficult, but with the guidance of our instructors from DirtFish, it's a piece of cake!

Each Subaru Winter Experience course gives drivers the opportunity to try out brand new Subaru WRX STIs, WRXs, and BRZs on Dollar Lake in picturesque Eagle River, Wisconsin. Each car is equipped with specially studded tires to handle driving on the ice, while Sandell and the world’s best instructors from DirtFish are on hand to guide participants every step of the way, no matter their skill level. Subaru Winter Experience made its debut in Winter 2018 and is preparing for its third consecutive year at Dollar Lake this winter, with each year bringing more drivers than the last.

For more information and to book Subaru Winter Experience classes, visit For additional questions, contact Linnea at

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