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Press - Subaru Winter Experience 2019

From Our Participants: What They’re Saying About Subaru Winter Experience

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We at Subaru Winter Experience are doing everything we can to create life-long memories and take each individual driver we work with to the next level in their driving. But don’t just take our word for it—we interviewed Mykel, Christine, and Matthieu to get their feedback from their past experiences with us.

Did Subaru Winter Experience meet the expectations you had coming into the event?

“Subaru Winter Experience not only met my expectations I had about the event, it greatly exceeded them. "Experience" is the perfect word to describe the program because it is much more than just sliding Subaru WRXs, STIs, and BRZs around on a frozen lake (although that is incredibly fun) because there is the incredible food prepared by Daniel, the entertaining and knowledgeable instructors, the helpful and accommodating Inn, the quaint town of Eagle River, and of course the great people you meet and new friendships you make. I attended the Subaru Winter Experience for the first two years and every time I have noticed an improvement and an increase in confidence in my driving abilities, both every day and on the track, thanks to the exercises and instruction provided. It's impressive how the exercises and instruction provided allow participants from all backgrounds to learn quickly while progressing at their own pace and how the skills learned are applicable in every day driving. I have enjoyed the experience so much that I am anxiously waiting for February to finally be here so that I can get back on the ice for SWE2020.” / Matthieu Setliff

Christine Hill, Patrik Sandell and Mykel Hill enjoying the sun on Dollar Lake.

“I actually had the expectation that I wouldn’t be able to do the Subaru Winter Experience, or enjoy it. It FAR exceeded my expectations. I tell everyone that it could NOT have been named anything else. It truly is an “experience”. One that is difficult to describe and only can be lived. I was extremely apprehensive and nervous. I figured there were going to be other participants with autocross experience, maybe racing experience and know how to drive a manual. I was so fearful I was going to make a fool of myself or embarrass myself. That was not the case. The way the program is setup is perfect. It builds the confidence one skill at a time and before you know it, you are driving an entire course and realizing that you are doing it.” / Christine Hill

How do you think the instructors handled everybody’s different driving experiences and skill levels?

“My wife and I have significantly different driving levels, but the instructors made us both feel so comfortable, while challenging us equally. They spent time learning what we both wanted to achieve on the ice and provided feedback to help us each reach our goals. They would jump in the cars and provide real-time coaching, driving lines and throttle control advice. Each lap building our confidence, as we achieved what we set out to accomplish at the beginning of the day!!!” / Mykel Hill

Matthieu Setliff, Britney Carter, Christine Hill and Mykel Hill during the 2019 Subaru Winter Experience.

Would you recommend Subaru Winter Experience to your friends? Why?

“I already have! I recommend SWE to everyone. It is one of those bucket-list must dos. It is an experience from start to finish, with an incredible Swedish lunch by Daniel in the middle. You leave with new friends, both participants and DirtFish instructors. I am so grateful for participating in SWE. It is a memory I will treasure forever.” / Christine Hill

“I would and have definitely recommended Subaru Winter Experience to my friends. It is unlike any other drivers education program that I have participated and is much more than just a driving program, it is a true experience. From sliding the Subaru WRXs, STIs, and BRZs around the frozen lake, to the food and accommodations, to the instructors, organizers, participants, and new friends you make, Subaru Winter Experience is an all around unique, memorable, and extraordinary event.” / Matthieu Setliff

“Subaru Winter Experience is a truly magical event. The skills taught in each session build on each other and are linked together at the end of the day on the rally course. The fun and nimble, rear-wheel drive BRZ and the ice-shredding, all-wheel-drive STI require completely different driving techniques. The rally course challenges both vehicles and driving each of cars on the course provides that ever-changing experience found in rally driving! From the moment you arrive at the Chanticleer Inn, the experience begins and you won't want it to end! We hope to see you in Eagle River, WI!!” / Mykel Hill

Subaru Winter Experience participants getting lined up and ready for the slalom exercise under the guidance of our instructors.

Each Subaru Winter Experience course gives drivers the opportunity to try out brand new Subaru WRX STIs, WRXs, and BRZs on Dollar Lake in picturesque Eagle River, Wisconsin. Each car is equipped with specially studded tires to handle driving on the ice, while Sandell and the world’s best instructors from DirtFish are on hand to guide participants every step of the way, no matter their skill level. Subaru Winter Experience made its debut in Winter 2018 and is preparing for its third consecutive year at Dollar Lake this winter, with each year bringing more drivers than the last.

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