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Press - Subaru Winter Experience

Subaru Winter Experience Holiday Sale Starts TODAY!

Still looking for the perfect holiday gift for your family or friends? The Subaru Winter Experience Holiday Sale is in full effect today, with a 20% savings on all remaining Subaru Winter Experience courses!

Don’t miss your opportunity to get sideways on the ice with the high-performance Subaru WRX STI, legendary WRX, or rear-wheel drive BRZ with a driving experience unlike any other in the United States.

If you book your spot now, you won’t just save 20% on your course—you’ll also receive a Subaru Winter Experience cap and T-shirt when you make it to Eagle River! In addition, 3% of all holiday sales are donated to the Spine Core Foundation.

To meet high demand on key dates, we’ve added a few spots in various courses, but you’ll need to act quickly to make sure you get the date you’re looking for. Our current availability is as follows:

One-Day Program 2/23 (1 spot available), 2/29 (1 spot available)

Two-Day Program 2/20-21 (2 spots available)

Two-Day Advanced Program 2/18-19 (6 spots available)

Three-Day Advanced Program 3/4-6 (7 spots available)

One-on-One Personal Driver Training Contact

Past Subaru Winter Experience and DirtFish Rally School attendees or persons with similar driving experience have the option to sign up for our brand new Advanced Programs. Contact to see if you qualify for this program.

Each Subaru Winter Experience course gives drivers the opportunity to try out brand new Subaru WRX STIs, WRXs, and BRZs on Dollar Lake in picturesque Eagle River, Wisconsin. Each car is equipped with specially studded tires to handle driving on the ice, while Sandell and the world’s best instructors from DirtFish are on hand to guide participants every step of the way, no matter their skill level. Subaru Winter Experience made its debut in Winter 2018 and is preparing for its third consecutive year at Dollar Lake this winter, with each year bringing more drivers than the last.

Subaru Winter Experience 2020 is almost sold out! If you have a request for a specific date not available anymore, please contact Linnea Sandell at

For more information and to book Subaru Winter Experience classes, visit For additional questions, contact Linnea at

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